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Embrace Messy Baby-Led Weaning

Every parent is all too familiar with this feeling. When it comes to feeding babies, we want to ensure cleanliness and organization… but that’s all wrong. We can’t expect that from babies! That’s the parent’s job and it becomes super simple when you have convenient & nutritious baby food.  

Recent research and expert opinions suggest that allowing your baby to be messy with food can be beneficial for their development. Messy eating not only encourages exploration and independence but also enhances sensory experiences and fosters a healthy relationship with food. This is especially important during baby-led weaning when your baby is introduced to new flavours and textures. 

How can you ensure you are doing the right things for your baby’s development? Here are some things you should keep in mind: 

Let them be independent!

If they are able to see, touch, and even squish their food - it will go a long way in enhancing their sensory development. 

When babies are encouraged to enjoy their meals, they learn to identify new flavours and textures, which contributes to their oral motor development in the long run. A great way is to introduce ready-to-feed baby food into their diet. Explore Rorosaur, they make 100% natural baby food perfect for babies 6 months and older. 

Another healthy habit your child should inculcate from a young age is handwashing! Using baby safe hand wash for their clean and germ-free hands will build their immunity and teach them to prioritize their hygiene. 

Self-feeding boosts confidence

They gain a feeling of control over their belongings and eating habits, while also nurturing a sense of individuality at this crucial age. 

Recognizing the significance of every milestone in your baby's journey, such as the moment they grasp a spoon and guide it to their mouth, is truly heartwarming. These accomplishments deserve the utmost praise, and as a devoted parent, you hold the power to shape a positive environment, especially during mealtimes.

Just as you cherish the milestones, we understand the importance of keeping your baby's feeding tools spotless and germ-free. Much like the way a spoon signifies progress, there is a sense of relief when your baby explores new tastes with utensils that are perfectly sanitized. Our organic baby bottle cleaner is crafted to provide the same level of care and attention you shower upon your little one.


Although it is a fulfilling experience overall, the process of getting your child to self-feed can be exhausting. They will drop food on their clothes. They will drop food on your clothes. It’s inevitable. Parents, investing in an anti-bacterial and baby-safe liquid laundry detergent may seem like a good idea right about now

Thirdly, emotional and social development 

As babies engage with their food, they experience a range of emotions, from excitement to frustration, and learn to navigate these feelings in a safe and controlled environment.

In fact, mealtime is also a great bonding experience for parents and kids. It Moulds into an opportunity to learn from interactions that can shape how they behave and react in social situations. 

Talking to your child during meals will strengthen your bond, create a positive environment, and also leave lasting memories that you will look back on! 

While the idea of embracing messiness during mealtimes may seem daunting, the benefits are numerous… and they definitely outweigh the temporary inconveniences of cleaning up. 

Say yes to the mess and watch your baby thrive!

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