Indian Mothers On A Mission!

In today's clutter of deceptive claims and misleading marketing, we are mothers who have set out to protect little ones and provide them with "true natural" care rooted in Indian wisdom!

Our Philosophy

We strive to formulate products that are not only safe but are also good for the little ones!

  • Truly Natural - Reetha

    Indian Herbs are our main ingredients unlike others

  • Next steps shows the addition of other natural ingredients such as shikakai,neem and essential oils.

    Minimal Processing to preserve Natural effectiveness of ingredients intact

  • No chemical additives

    No chemical additives whatsoever

Why We Started


Grab your favorite baby product and flip it over. How many ingredients can you recognize? You might be surprised by the number of unfamiliar chemical-sounding names. This is because "natural" and "plant-based" tags may not always guarantee chemical-free.

Remember BPA-free baby bottles? Once hailed as safe, research later revealed concerns about brain development. This highlights how our understanding of chemicals can evolve. Parabens, SLS, Aspartame are a few more examples of once-common ingredients now linked to health concerns. Today's chemicals may become tomorrow's toxins!

Saumya Rajesh, Founder of indi mums with her 2 sons.

Hi, I am Saumya, mum of 2 boys full of energy! The story of The Indi
Mums started in my house!

After an MBA from IIM & Engineering from NIT, life was mostly about big corporations until I became a mother. I began reading labels and discovered that even those claiming to be "natural" or "plant-based" were filled with chemicals.

I discovered effective Indian herbs and recipes that are being lost in modern times due to inconvenience in their use. With the latest understanding and science, we converted them into convenient, ready-to-use bottles of ONLY authentic Indian herbs. I am happy to see that beyond products, The Indi Mums is a community of like-minded parents believing in natural care.

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