Indian Mothers On A Mission 

We are a tribe of devoted Indian mothers on a mission to protect little ones from the lies of fake "natural" brands and provide them with true natural care rooted in Indian wisdom.

  • Soapnuts in the background with the text "Embrace the true natural"in the front.

    Ever wondered why even “natural” baby care brands have a long list of unfamiliar chemical names? That’s because they either use chemical bases with natural extracts to claim “natural” tag or use chemicals that are processed out of plant parts to claim "plant-based"

    At Indi Mums, we believe in working with the power and goodness of herbs to look for true natural solutions. No chemical additives to fake product effectiveness. With us,"natural" truly means natural.

  • Father holding child's hand with text stating natural parenting is being revived.

    Big brands and their marketing have distorted our understanding of what's right and wrong over the years. For example, more lather in soap doesn't indicate better cleaning; it's often due to added chemicals. As parents, we detest maida, packaged food etc., but allow unknown chemical usage on our baby’s skin day after day.

    The early years of a baby's life are critical, as their organs are still developing, and their bodies absorb materials rapidly. Thus these years are foundational for the health of life ahead.

  • Variety of herb in the background depicting the ancient wisdom for modern families

    Parents across generations want the best for their babies, believing in natural, gentle, and effective care. Over centuries, before chemical factories came into existence, these formulations have been tried, tested, and improved, giving us the assurance of their effectiveness. But in our current busy lives, making these recipes ourselves is tough.

    That's why at The Indi Mums, we're bringing ancient wisdom for modern families – turning old recipes into modern, ready-to-use bottles. Our baby care range is rooted in Indian wisdom, made just for our little ones.

  • A demonstration of the process of making baby care products with soapnuts, first the soapnuts are harvested, cleaned and de seeded

    Herbs are our main ingredients unlike others

    We source fresh herbs from the tribal farmers of North Karnataka

  • Next steps shows the addition of other natural ingredients such as shikakai,neem and essential oils.

    Natural effectiveness of ingredients preserved

    No excessive processing or any chemical processing. Meticulously
    handcrafting the herbs together

  • Last step involves churning the ingredients into liquid without any artificial colours, fragrances and chemical boosters.

    No chemical additives whatsoever

    By the way, we do use plant-based and food grade thickeners and preservatives so
    you can store them at home with ease

Want to understand why we started?

Take #WhatsInYourBottle Challenge

Get your favourite baby brand/product and turn it over to read the ingredients list on it. Now answer two simple questions- How many of them sound like a chemical name to you? How many of them are names you have never heard before? You would be surprised to find the prevalence of chemical usage in many prominent "Plant-Based" & "Natural" Brands !

Today's chemicals can become tomorrow's toxins !

Take baby bottles, for example. BPA-free bottles were once considered the best, but research showed their negative impact on brain development, growth, and behaviour and soon BPA-free became the norm. The list is long for harmful chemicals considered safe once but later found to be toxins. Parabens, SLS, and recently, Aspartame.

Why wait for future research to reveal the life-altering effects of your current product choices? Stick to basics and stick to True Natural!

Saumya Rajesh, Founder of indi mums with her 2 sons.

Hi, I am Saumya, mum of 2 boys full of energy and mischief! The story of The Indi Mums started in my house!

After an MBA from IIM & Engineering from NIT, life was mostly about working with big corporates and brands until I became a mother. I began reading the labels of baby care products in detail and discovered that
even the ones claiming to be "natural" or "organic" were filled with chemicals.

I discovered effective ancient Indian recipes, but they were becoming obsolete in modern times due to inconvenience in their use. I blended them with modern science, creating convenient, ready-to-use bottles with ONLY authentic Indian herbs.

The Indi Mums is a community of like-minded parents reinventing baby care using Indian wisdom to protect our little ones from chemicals and give them the best of nature!