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SOAPNUT - Dadi Maa's Most Trusted Natural Home Remedy!


Soapnut (Reetha) is a natural herb that has been used for centuries in India as a natural home remedy by our Grandmothers and also for various cleaning purposes such as washing clothes, bathing and cleaning dishes

The Soapnut tree is an important source of income for many people who live in rural tribal areas of India and Africa. The nuts are collected by hand from the trees, then dried out to create a powder that can be used as a cleansing agent

Soapnut -A ayurvedic herb

Soapnut contain saponin which is an active cleansing agent. It can be used as a natural cleanser for oily skin and acne, or as a general purpose cleaner for other skin types too. It removes dirt, oil, sweat, dead cells and bacteria from skin without stripping it off its essential oils

​​The best thing about Saponin is that it is a 100% organic substitute to chemically made laundry and cleaning products, among others.  It can be a substitute for many synthetic cleaning products made with SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) without all the nasty drawbacks of these chemical components.

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Soapnut is natural, organic and sustainable. It has a low environmental impact because it grows on trees and does not require  pesticides and a lot of  fertilisers. It also needs less water to grow and can be planted in arid climates.  Soapnut is non-toxic, biodegradable and can also be reused multiple times before  needing to be disposed off.

Natural soapnut: Dadi Maa's trusted home remedy!

Soapnut are an excellent choice for people who are looking for a natural, eco-friendly variant to the skin products


  • Soapnut is an Ayurvedic herb which is also a naturally occurring soap/cleaning agent.
  • Soapnut's powerful antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties have proven to treat skin disorders like acne, eczema, and psoriasis.
  • It has natural conditioning properties as it is a gentle cleanser. It has been used in Ayurveda for centuries to prevent hair loss and make hair shiny and lustrous.
  • Soapnut is also very effective on stains and odours and works very well for washing clothes and cleaning dishes
  • ​Soap Nuts natural pH is in the range of 4-6 , which is also the pH of human skin. 
  • It is hypoallergenic, odourless, and has natural conditioning properties.Soapnut is a gentle cleanser and thus it works really well on all types of skin.It removes dirt, oil, sweat, dead cells and bacteria from skin


We all have heard of Soapnut/ Reetha from our elders and how they are beneficial for hair and skin but overtime we were drawn to the factory manufactured products in in  handy bottles and fascinated by  their colours, their smell, their different variants of labelling that Soapnut became  forgotten and least spoken herb of our country.

As a mom, While raising my elder son and developing my own understanding of good and bad for him, I wanted to evaluate every piece of wisdom that came my way, whether traditional practices or the latest science.

 Natural cleaning and skincare"

Eczema, psoriasis, food allergies, skin rashes are very common in Children  and the dangerous chemicals in most of the babycare products seem to make them flare up and get a lot worse. This is when I stumbled upon Soapnut and it clicked! 

What commercially available baby products achieve through a concoction of chemicals, we can achieve that from Soapnut, without adding any chemicals, all naturally! 

- Soapnut is naturally pH balanced with a pH range of 4-6, which is perfect for delicate baby skin. Thus, we do not need to artificially bring down the pH, which is generally the practice with all chemical soaps. 

- Soapnut is naturally tough on stains, dirt, grime & odours. Thus, we do not need to add any bleaching or brightening agents, which again is a practice to enhance cleaning performance.

- Antibacterial properties are achieved in soaps by adding chemical disinfectants. Soapnut is naturally antibacterial & anti-fungal.

- Soapnut is a gentle cleanser which means it cleans without causing any damage to the skin or clothes. Many chemical cleansers are so harsh that artificial conditioners are added to mask their effects.



Many parents wash their baby's dirty clothes with regular detergent. However, sometimes it is not safe because they contain strong chemicals that might affect your baby's delicate skin. They may have an allergic reaction to it. 

Soapnuts are perfect for laundering baby clothes and cloth diapers, leaving no harsh chemicals on your baby's behind.

Natural cleaning solution

You can use Soapnut As a detergent Directly or Liquid Concentrate form!

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We all know that both newborns and older children are prone to illnesses. Diarrhoea and vomiting are especially common in young children, but by using a toxin-free and natural hand wash, you can ensure that your baby is protected from germs and infections while at the same time protected from chemicals and toxins.

Natural baby handwash

Regular using a soapnut natural handwash can limit the spread of diseases. 

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Babies and their bottles! They’re literally like their best buddy in the growing years, and they’re quite possessive about their ‘favourite one’.  But as they have their milk and smack their lips, are you aware of the germs that the seemingly innocuous bottle is harbouring

Natural baby bottle cleaner

Soapnut as a bottle cleaner is tough on that milk film and the bacteria & Fungus hiding waiting to grow in them You need not limit it to bottles and double it up as dish and toys washtoo, so no more dirty feeding utensils and toys- ever!

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This can be used for a wide variety of uses such as:

  • Pet Wash
  • Natural Pesticide for plants
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Gentle body wash
  • Beauty care


  • What are soapnuts called in India?

The soap nut is an ancient Indian herb which goes by the name 'Aritha' or 'Reetha' in Ayurveda.

  • Does soapnut remove dandruff?

Saponin in Reetha has foaming properties that help cleanse the hair of dirt, dust, and oil. It nourishes the scalp and enhances the shine, reduces dryness, and makes hair shiny. The antibacterial and antifungal properties aid in treating scalp infections, dandruff, and lice.

  •  Do soap nuts dry skin?

Soapnuts have natural conditioning properties that help in moisturising your skin. Hence, they help prevent dryness of skin. People with sensitive skin can use products that are made from soap nuts since they do not cause any damage

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