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Natural Surface & Floor Cleaner

Natural Surface & Floor Cleaner

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Ayurvedic recipe with organic herbs, extracts & essential oil !

  • Chemical Free Floor & Surfaces For Baby To Explore & Grow
  • Cleans Without Toxic Fumes
  • Tough On Germs With Neem & Moringa Extracts
  • Insect & Mosquito Repelling Fragrance Of Eucalyptus
  • Natural Floor Cleaner-Safe for Pets



Our Ingredients, Our Heroes !

purified aqua , soapnut, shikakai, neem seed extract, moringa extract and eucalyptus essential oil. plant-based & food-grade thickening agent & preservative used- xanthum gum and potassium sorbate respectively.

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Why should I buy a special floor cleaner for my baby's play area, when regular floor cleaners work just fine?

Using regular floor cleaners might seem like a quick solution, but they often contain harsh chemicals that can leave harmful residues on the floor. Your baby spends a lot of time playing on the floor, and those residues can come into contact with their sensitive skin or get on their hands, which they often put in their mouth. That's why it's important to use a natural floor cleaner like Indi Mums Baby Floor Cleaner, specially formulated to provide a safe and gentle clean for your little one's play area

Which common chemicals in floor cleaners to avoid for babies and why?

• Chlorine: Also known as sodium dichloroisocyanurate, this chemical is extremely toxic and releases chlorine into the air when it’s mixed with water to clean your floors. It is known cause breathing problems.
• DEA/MEA: Ethanolamine compounds like DEA, MEA are used as emulsifying ingredients in soaps and cleaning agents. These are toxic chemicals that are linked with hormone disruption, tumors, and many more health issues.
• SLS/SLES: Used in detergents to create foam and wash away dirt, Sodium Laureth Sulfate has much more drawbacks than benefits. It can lead to lung damage, eye irritation, and much more.
• Phosphates: These harmful alkaline substances can penetrate the soft tissues and skin of babies causing skin rashes.
• Parabens: It is a common preservative used in cleaners. Scientific studies suggest that parabens can disrupt hormones in the body and harm fertility and reproductive organs, affect birth outcomes, and increase the risk of cancer

Why do I see less lather/foam compared to other floor cleaners?

We consciously avoid using synthetic foaming agents that are commonly found in commercial floor cleaners. These foaming agents create excessive foam, which might give the impression of better cleaning, but it's not necessary for effective cleaning. Instead, the residue left behind by them can cause irritation to our babies and pets who spend a lot of time playing on the floors. Our floor cleaner is made using Soapnut which efficiently cleans without the need for excessive foam. Rest assured, it still works wonders in cleaning your baby's floor effectively while being safe and free from harsh chemicals

Why is the colour of cleansing liquid so dull and brown?

Because we don’t add any synthetic dyes to our products and the dull brown colour is the natural colour of Soapnut extracts! The bright colours of commercial floor cleaners are not from the from the juice of lemons or neem, It’s artificial colouring. They are filled with heavy metals and several toxins that are extremely harmful for us and our little ones

Why do we avoid artificial fragrances for our little ones (even though they smell so good)?

Artificial fragrances are synthetic, man-made compounds created in laboratories. They are designed to mimic natural scents but often contain a mix of various chemicals, some of which may not even be disclosed on the label. As much as we love pleasant scents, especially when it comes to baby products, artificial fragrances can cause skin irritation and allergies, especially in sensitive little ones.

What about Eucalyptus and Neem fragrance in our floor cleaner? How is it different?

The fragrance of Eucalyptus and Neem comes from essential oils which are extracted directly from plants through methods like steam distillation or cold-pressing. They are pure, concentrated extracts of the plants that retain its natural aroma and therapeutic properties.
Eucalyptus and neem have antibacterial properties that protects your baby items from germs and bacteria. They are also known to be insect replants and help you avoid mosquitos and other insects in your home.

Why is pH balance required in a floor cleaner?

A baby's skin has a natural pH between 4-6, and using products with a pH that matches the skin's natural acidity helps preserve the protective barrier and ensures the skin stays in good condition. Since babies spend a lot of time crawling on the floor and playing with their toys, any residue left behind by an improperly balanced floor cleaner can come into contact with their sensitive skin and potentially cause irritation. Using a pH-balanced floor cleaner like Indi Mums Baby Floor Cleaner ensures that your baby's surroundings are safe and free from any potential irritants.

Customer Reviews

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Non toxic cleaner

Glad to see a product that prioritizes plant-based ingredients over harsh chemicals.


Kudos to the company for creating a product that's safe for my boy and the environment.


The cleaner works well, but I found the consistency a bit thin for my liking, but that might be because of the natural ingredients.


Overall, I'm incredibly satisfied with this cleaner. It's simple to use, effective in its cleaning liquid, and most importantly, safe for my boy and my entire family.


So easy to use and effective

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Floor Cleaner safe to use around children and pets?

Absolutely! The Indi Mums Natural Floor Cleaner is formulated with natural and gentle ingredients, making it safe for use around children and pets. You can have peace of mind knowing that your little ones can play on the freshly cleaned floors without any worries.

Can this Floor Cleaner be used on all types of flooring?

Yes, it can! All types of flooring, including hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile, natural stone, linoleum, and vinyl, can be cleaned with our organic floor cleaner. It leaves no residue and helps maintain the natural shine of your floors

Is this floor cleaner eco-friendly and biodegradable?

Absolutely! The Indi Mums Floor Cleaner is made from eco-friendly and biodegradable ingredients, ensuring that it is gentle on the environment while providing a safe and effective cleaning solution for your home.

Will this floor cleaner repel bugs and insects?

Yes, it will! Our Natural Floor Cleaner is formulated with effective Eucalyptus and Neem essential oils, which have natural insect-repelling properties.

Can this floor cleaner be used as a disinfectant?

Yes, our Natural Floor Cleaner is designed to also act as a disinfectant. The powerful combination of natural ingredients, including Soap nut, Eucalyptus and Neem essential oils, has inherent antibacterial properties that help eliminate harmful bacteria and germs, creating a safer and healthier environment for your family.

Is this product made in India?

Yes, all our products are proudly made in India. We source all our herbs and ingredients directly from tribal farmers in Karnataka, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity. Each bottle is meticulously handcrafted in a chemical-free, non-factory setup in Bangalore, where we take utmost care to create a safe and effective product for you and your little ones.

What is the shelf-life of this product?

18 months.
We use plant-based thickener-Xanthum Gum and food-grade preservative-Potassium Sorbate, also plant-based. They are added to our herb-based formula so that it can be kept in your homes and they work their best throughout that time.

Ideator Of The Year

We strive to re-invent traditional Indian ingredients into "True
Natural" alternatives that are safe and healthy for our little ones!

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