Organic Baby Care Products

Nurturing Naturally: Benefits of Organic Baby Products

Healthy nurturing of a baby is paramount during the formative years. Because healthy nurturing has long-term effects on the baby, and any negligence can cause lifelong health difficulties. And this fact puts a lot of pressure on parents, especially if it is their first time. They often need clarification about what to do and what not, specifically when it comes to choosing products for their babies.

This is where organic baby products become important, and it is necessary to include them in the baby care routine. Organic products are not unknown to us. Because of the intense marketing of the benefits of organic products by various consumable product brands people are actively incorporating organic products in their lifestyle. However, awareness about organic baby products is still in its infancy.

Organic Baby Product: What it Means?

But before you jump on the organic baby product user bandwagon, let's have an understanding of what qualifies a baby product as organic. To put it simply, an organic baby product should be made of organically produced ingredients and must be free of any harsh chemicals, harmful fertilizers, and synthetic pesticides. Besides, it should not have any synthetic color or fragrance. The following are the ingredients you should avoid in baby products.

Synthetic Color and Fragrance: Synthetic colors and fragrances are used in products to enhance their sensory appeal. But these colors and fragrances are largely produced from harmful substances, for example, substances like petroleum, and heavy metals like lead, and arsenic are often present in synthetic colors. Synthetic fragrances are also laden with carcinogens and endocrine disruptors.

Parabens and Sulphate: If you find parabens in your baby product, run away. Parabens are the most commonly used preservatives in cosmetics and long exposure to parabens can cause hormonal imbalances. Similarly, sulfates used in body wash and shampoos can cause baby skin dryness.

Other than these major ones, any harsh chemical can compromise your baby’s health because babies have thin and delicate skin, and because of this toxins get absorbed easily in the system and cause serious illnesses. If you check the labels of The IndiMums baby care products you will find that these chemicals are not present in our products.

Benefits of Organic Baby Products

Your baby deserves a healthy start to his/her life. Using organic baby products ensures that your baby is only exposed to pure, harmless, and beneficial elements to get proper nourishment. The baby products presented by The IndiMums are blessed with the goodness of natural oil extracts and nourishing natural ingredients like Neem, Aloe Vera, Shikakai, and Flaxseed. These benefit your baby in the following ways:

Takes Care of the Delicate Baby's Skin

We love to caress the soft, smooth, and squishy skin of our babies, don't we? However, the harsh chemicals in non-organic baby products substantially hurt the baby's skin. Unlike adults, babies' skin is more sensitive and thinner and easily gets affected by any toxin present in soaps, shampoos, oils, and even clothes. Because of the thinness of the skin, these toxins get easily absorbed into the system and cause serious problems like rashes, irritations, and other skin problems. Organic baby products, on the other hand, are mild and gentle on baby skin. The natural ingredients in organic products moisturize and nourish the baby's skin and reduce the chance of having any skin problems in the future.

Keeps Allergies At Bay

Allergies are quite common occurring in babies and it bothers parents as well. Because nobody likes a cranky baby. But do you know that in most cases, it's the baby care products that carry the sources of allergies, aka, allergens? One most common allergens is Formaldehyde used as a preservative in cosmetics and baby care products. Use of such products on baby skin can cause severe allergic reactions, and these are particularly harmful in the case of sensitive skin. This is one of the reasons you should only use organic baby products because of their safe natural ingredients.

Overall Healthy Nourishment

Ever wondered how elders at our home have such healthy skin, hair, and a healthy body throughout their life? They may have age-related difficulties but that’s normal. The reason for their superb health is their closeness to nature and distance from artificial things. The use of mustard oil, coconut oil, neem oil, aloe Vera, etc. is pretty old in our traditions and their benefits are acknowledged by Ayurveda also. Certainly, in our present fast-paced life we don't have time to collect and process these items, but using or switching to organic baby products can bring the goodness and care of nature into your baby's life. These products are pure and keep your baby away from harmful chemicals. Organic baby products allow your baby to grow in a healthy environment where he/she is not exposed to hazardous materials which can potentially cause problems for your baby and remove his/her sweet smile that you cherish so much.

Switch to Organic Baby Products

Your baby’s healthy present and happy future is in your hand and adopting organic baby products is the best thing you do to ensure that your baby gets only the best.

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