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Tummy time with baby - Everything you need to know!

As a new parent, you're likely on a quest to provide the best care and development opportunities for your precious little one. Tummy time is a crucial aspect of your baby's early life that can have a profound impact on their growth and development. In this blog, we will explore everything you need to know about tummy time and share some valuable hygiene tips for ensuring a safe and clean environment for your baby. We'll also introduce you to natural baby products, such as a natural baby handwash, surface cleaner, and toy cleanser, made from the magical Sopanut or Reetha, that help protect your baby from harmful germs.


What is Tummy Time?

Tummy time refers to the practice of placing your baby on their belly while they are awake and supervised. This simple yet vital activity helps your baby develop essential muscles and achieve critical developmental milestones. Tummy time is an essential part of your baby's routine from the early weeks of life.


Benefits of Tummy Time

Strengthens Muscles: Tummy time helps develop the neck, shoulder, and core muscles, which are essential for achieving milestones like rolling over, crawling, and eventually walking.

Prevents Flat Head Syndrome: Regular tummy time reduces the risk of your baby developing flat head syndrome, a condition where the back of the head becomes flat due to prolonged periods of lying on their back.

Enhances Sensory Development: It allows your baby to explore their surroundings from a different perspective, stimulating their senses and cognitive development.

Bonding: Tummy time provides an excellent opportunity for bonding with your baby. Get down on the floor with them, and play, talk, or sing to create a special connection.

Prepares for Crawling and Beyond: Tummy time lays the foundation for crawling, sitting, and eventually standing and walking.


Hygiene Tips for Tummy Time

Ensuring a clean and safe environment is crucial during tummy time. Here are some hygiene tips:

Clean Baby's Hands with Natural Baby Handwash: Before tummy time, make sure to wash your baby's hands with a gentle natural baby handwash. This helps remove any dirt or germs they may have picked up and prevents them from putting their hands in their mouth.

Keep the Floor Clean with Natural Surface Cleaner: Clean the area where your baby will have tummy time with a natural surface cleaner. This eliminates dust and germs that may be present, ensuring a clean and safe environment for your baby.

Clean Baby's Toys with Natural Toy Cleanser: Babies often explore the world with their mouths, so it's essential to keep their toys clean. Use a natural toy cleanser made from Sopanut or Reetha, a natural cleansing agent that is safe for babies. It effectively removes germs without exposing your little one to harmful chemicals.


Natural Baby Products with Sopanut or Reetha

Sopanut, also known as Reetha, is a natural cleansing agent that has been used for centuries. It is gentle on the skin, making it an ideal ingredient for baby products. Here are some natural baby products that can help you maintain hygiene during tummy time:

Natural Baby Handwash: Specially formulated with Sopanut, a natural baby handwash effectively cleans your baby's hands without harsh chemicals. It's gentle, safe, and perfect for frequent use.

Natural Surface Cleaner: A natural surface cleaner with Sopanut is ideal for cleaning the floor and other surfaces where your baby plays. It removes germs and dirt, leaving a safe and clean area for tummy time.

Natural Toy Cleanser: Keep your baby's toys clean and free from harmful germs with a natural toy cleanser containing Sopanut. This ensures that your baby can explore their toys without the risk of exposure to chemicals.


Final Words

Tummy time is a crucial aspect of your baby's early development, and maintaining hygiene during this time is essential. By following the hygiene tips mentioned above and using natural baby products with Sopanut or Reetha, you can provide a safe and clean environment for your baby's tummy time adventures. These natural products not only protect your baby from harmful germs but also ensure their delicate skin is cared for with utmost gentleness. So, embrace the benefits of tummy time and keep your little one healthy, happy, and thriving!
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