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Crawling Baby Protection Bundle

Crawling Baby Protection Bundle

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Ayurvedic Recipe With Organic Herbs, Plant Extracts & Essential Oils 

Floor & Surface Cleaner

  • Chemical Free Floor For Baby To Explore & Grow
  • Cleans Without Toxic Fumes
  • Tough On Germs With Neem & Moringa Extracts
  • Insect & Mosquito Repelling Fragrance Of Eucalyptus
  • Natural Floor Cleaner-Safe for Pets

Babysafe Handwash 

  • Ayurvedic recipe with organic herbs, extracts & essential oil !
  • Complete germ protection with Neem & Moringa extracts
  • Especially designed for sensitive baby skin
  • No chemical residue left on the hands
  • Natural handwash with Mint fragrance



Our Ingredients, Our Heroes !

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Why should I buy a special organic detergent for baby clothes, when regular detergents work just fine?

Regular detergents might make our clothes look clean and smell good, but they are full of chemicals and toxins that boost their performance. Baby skin is delicate and sensitive, more prone to irritation and allergies. The residue left behind can cause itching, irritation in the eyes and even breathing difficulties in babies. That’s why you should always use detergents that are made only using natural ingredients for your baby’s clothes

Which common chemicals in floor cleaners to avoid for babies and why?

• Chlorine: Also known as sodium dichloroisocyanurate, this chemical is extremely toxic and releases chlorine into the air when it’s mixed with water to clean your floors. It is known cause breathing problems.
• DEA/MEA: Ethanolamine compounds like DEA, MEA are used as emulsifying ingredients in soaps and cleaning agents. These are toxic chemicals that are linked with hormone disruption, tumors, and many more health issues.
• SLS/SLES: Used in detergents to create foam and wash away dirt, Sodium Laureth Sulfate has much more drawbacks than benefits. It can lead to lung damage, eye irritation, and much more.
• Phosphates: These harmful alkaline substances can penetrate the soft tissues and skin of babies causing skin rashes.
• Parabens: It is a common preservative used in cleaners. Scientific studies suggest that parabens can disrupt hormones in the body and harm fertility and reproductive organs, affect birth outcomes, and increase the risk of cancer

Why do normal handwash cause dryness and irritation in babies?

Babies have more sensitive skin that is prone to dryness and irritation. Regular Alcohol based handwash can be harsh and drying, especially for a baby. Therefore, opting for an alcohol-free handwash like ours that uses natural ingredients like Soapnut and Neem with antibacterial properties, is a much safer option

Why do we avoid artificial fragrances for our little ones (even though they smell so good)?

Artificial fragrances are synthetic, man-made compounds created in laboratories. They are designed to mimic natural scents but often contain a mix of various chemicals, some of which may not even be disclosed on the label. As much as we love pleasant scents, especially when it comes to baby products, artificial fragrances can cause skin irritation and allergies, especially in sensitive little ones

Why don’t we use Optical Brighteners in our Organic Baby Detergent?

Optical brighteners are synthetic chemicals added to conventional detergents to make clothes appear whiter and brighter by reflecting ultraviolet light. However, these chemicals can remain on the fabric even after washing and may cause skin irritation or allergies, especially in sensitive baby skin. With our detergent, you can rest assured that we're keeping it gentle, safe, and free from any unnecessary harmful stuff. Your baby's clothes will be clean and cozy without any worries!

Why is the colour of baby bottle cleaner liquid so dull and brown?

Because we don’t add any synthetic dyes to our products and the dull brown colour is the natural colour of Soapnut extracts! The bright colours of commercial floor cleaners are not from the from the juice of lemons or neem, It’s artificial colouring. They are filled with heavy metals and several toxins that are extremely harmful for us and our little ones

What about Mint fragrance in our kids handwash? How is it different?

The fragrance of mint comes from essential oils which are extracted directly from plant through methods like steam distillation or cold-pressing. They are pure, concentrated extracts of the plants that retain its natural aroma and therapeutic properties. Mint has a naturally refreshing and cool fragrance that is loved children, encouraging them to regularly clean their hands.

Why is a pH balanced baby handwash important?

A baby's skin has a natural pH between 4-6, and using products with a pH that matches the skin's natural acidity helps preserve the protective barrier and ensures the skin stays in good condition. If the handwash has a high or low pH level, it can disrupt the natural pH of the skin, leading to dryness, irritation, and potential skin issues. Soapnut is naturally pH balanced making it the perfect base for our formulation and your baby handwash, ensuring that it gently cleanses your little one's hands while maintaining the natural moisture and protecting their delicate skin from irritation and discomfort.

Can it be used as a disinfectant?

Yes, our natural surface and floor Cleaner is designed to also act as a disinfectant. The powerful combination of natural ingredients, including Soap nut, Eucalyptus and Neem, have inherent antibacterial properties that help eliminate harmful bacteria and germs, creating a safer and healthier environment for your family.

What all surfaces I can clean with the surface cleaner?

All types of surfaces, including wood, glass, granite, and marble, can be safely and effectively cleaned and disinfected with Indi Mums Surface Cleaner, which is specially formulated for use in households with growing babies or toddlers.

Know The Indi Mums Products Better

Why are The Indi Mums Products Dull In colour? Why dont they come in bright colours like other brands?

Because we don’t add any synthetic dyes or colours to our products to make them look vibrant. The dull colours are the natural colour of our ingredients and we are very product of them! The typical vibrant colour liquids we are accustomed to seeing get their colours from chemical dyes. These artificial colours are filled with heavy metals and several toxins that are extremely harmful for us and our little ones.

If The Indi Mums products don't use artificial fragrances then why do they smell so good ?

Our formulations make use of pure essential oils which are extracted directly from plants through methods like steam distillation or cold-pressing. They are pure, concentrated extracts of the plants that retain their natural aroma and therapeutic properties. It is this aroma that everyone seem to love!

Is this product made in India?

Yes, all our products are proudly made in India. We source our authentic Indian herbs from tribal farmers in Karnataka and handcraft our products in a chemical-free, non-factory setup in Bangalore. Supporting local communities and delivering the best for our babies is at the heart of our brand.

What is the shelf life of this product?

18 months.
We use plant-based thickener-Xanthum Gum and food-grade preservative-Potassium Sorbate, also plant-based. They are added to our herb-based formula so that it can be kept in your homes and they work their best throughout that time.

Ideator Of The Year

We strive to re-invent traditional Indian ingredients into "True Natural" alternatives that are safe, effective and healthy for our little ones!

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